Oh For a few GB more…

Posted: January 16, 2009 in Arbit

A persistent problem I face is that of hard disk space. You would think that over 600 GB ought to enough space for a normal person. However, I suffer from something called as ODD (Obsessive Downloading Disorder). Net connection being available, I simply have to download.

My staple downloads include the weekly comic releases easily accounting for around 500 MB, latest episodes of serials which would account for another 1 to 1.5GB, movies which would be 2-3 movies a week and music. All this accounts for around 3.5GB on a weekly basis. This would be fine if one were to diligently clear up unwanted stuff on a regular basis. But when have I ever been not lazy. Like blogging, system cleanup is also something that is follows the maxim “Why do today when you can always do tomorrow”

A habit of my mom which I find irritating is that of collecting stuff which is of no use today but “might” definitely come of use sometime in the future. It has taken sometime but I realize that apple does not fall very far away from the tree. An analogy of what my mom stocks up in the house can be directly drawn to what I store on my hard disk. Software like 3D desktop (my system would shudder and hang if I installed that), MS-Office 2007 ( If I had a rupee for every time someone abused Vista and Office-2007, I could be help bail out the US government or is it the banks) and Games like Red Alert: Tiberium Wars ( A strategy game but a definitely lose-lose strategy if I install it on my lappy as it requires 5Gb installation space and over 1Gb of RAM), 3 versions of Lord of the Rings (one is an extended version, one is the normal version, one is the normal theatre release converted into a format that is supposed to save space).. The list goes on…

Determined to generate some space, I embarked on a ruthless policy of culling all unwanted stuff. The timelines of the various activities undertaken are given below

10.30 PM – Find a comfortable spot to sit so that TV can also be seen at the same time (multi-tasking) and locate all 3 external hard disks. Settle down and then realize you need the US kind of plug for the external powered hard disk. Get up and start searching

10.35 PM – Find the plug after an exhaustive search of the bedroom spoiling all the clothes that mom had carefully ironed out and then realize that the plug is in hall. Generally direct some random abuse here and there and finally settle down

10.37 PM- Take a call to have only stuff that would be of immediate practical use and delete the rest mercilessly

10.38 PM- Begin culling. Target: to free over 150 GB

10.41 PM – Power cut!!! The bane of Hyderabad and my external powered hard disk goes for a toss. Decide to chuck that one for the time being and focus on the other 2 USB powered hard disk

10.43 – Conscious decision to have nothing but comics in one drive and rest of the stuff in the other drive. For convenience, lets call them the comics disk and non-comic disk

10.47 – Vaguely explored the non-comic disk and determined opportunities for space savings. (That sounded almost consultant-ish)

10.50 – Created over 12 Gb by deleting serials that I have definitely no idea of viewing (Good Bye Merlin, Fringe and Tell me you love me. It was definitely not good while you lasted)

10.55 – Beginning of transfer of comics from Laptop to comics disk. Hmm.. is taking too much time, let me start off a series in that time.. and started off on Sinestro Corps

11.25 – Just realized that copying got over ages ago and started the culling process with the comic window still open and power had come some 10 mins back

11.40 – Into the movies folder, crunch time.. Arbit movies that I have no idea on how they ended up on my hard disk ( Well I do have an idea. It involved logging on to DC++ on the last day at campus, clicking on someone who had more than 100GB in movies and blindly copying all on to the desk). I decide to relax my rule and let movies be as such

11.45- Transfer out movies from Comics disk to Non-comics disk and while that happens, continue reading Sinestro Corps

12.02 – “Daaaannnggg” One of the most irritating sounds ever to have been incorporated in a computer indicating that I have run out of space on the Non-comics disk

12.03- 2nd Relaxation of rule, permit non-comics stuff on to the Comics disk and start clearing the On-going comic series from Lappy onto the Comics disk

12.10-2.30 – Shifting of comics completed albeit accompanied by re-reading of a whole lot of them and hence taking up all time

2.31- Check progress on space. As mentioned earlier, with target being 150 GB, I have successfully cleared 25GB.

Mission- Failure but not a complete waste as this gives me 25Gb more to download over the next few days before the cycle of dynamic transfer from one disk to another and space allocation starts over again. It is almost like a Madoff scheme. Move assets from one fund to another hoping somewhere something would work out fine. (Ok a overtly simplified comparison but its 3.30 AM and this is the best I could come up with). Till then, the rant for “A few dollars more” can go down

  1. arunnsub says:

    I heard that an internet service provider in hyderabad is going to sue somebody for excessive usage of the unlimited download facility leading to choking of the network…..i think i have found the culprit 😀

  2. vinayvasan says:

    Oh Maami Marple, I have opted for an unlimited download connection plus at 256kbps, what speed can you expect for. I barely get a GB a day :(. I hope someone out there gets a decent speedy connection for the same if not lower rate 🙂

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