Review- Chandni Chowk to China

Posted: January 18, 2009 in Everyone's a critic
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I have heard of too many holes in the script but this movie does not qualify for that statement. The statement assumes that there is a script. Unfortunately from whichever angle you view the movie, there is NO script or story.

Chandni Chowk to China

Of course on could argue that Singh is King (ok I skipped a few Gs) was pretty much similar. SIK was crazy but not stupid. CC2C unfortunateyl falls into the category of stupid and crazy. I guess this was one of those movies in which the producers decided to cast Akshay Kumar and then realized they had gone above budget and decided to let the story make itself as the movie was being shot, hoping that Akki would make the movie a hit. And of course provide enough eye-candy for the audience by having 2 yes 2 Deepika Padukones (who must be definitely batty to take on a catty role but to be fair to the lady, she cant act so this was a perfect movie for her). Akki tries his best but he really should realize that he isnt a SRK to have 2 hits without a modicum of a story anywhere (Proof: OSO and Rab ne..) Ranvir Shorey as usual is immensely wasted (He really shouldnt be acting in a movie starring Akki)

Coming to the roti-thin “story” line, Sidhu (Akki) is a cook/vegetable cutter, who is thought to have been a reincarnation of a Chinese hero being taken to China to get rid of an evil boss. In true filmy style, Hero gets beaten once, suffers a personal loss, learns “karate-kungfu” in under 6 months and defeats the baddie. During this he encounters a teleshopping marketing agent (Deepika Padukone), the eveil don’s hench-woman (Deepika again), an inspector who forgets he is one as he lost his memory 20 years ago and roams around like a madman. So much so for the cast

In short, CC2C is under-cooked, under-baked, under-(insert other culinary verbs here) and calls for suspension of both disbelief and sensibilities.

Rating: 3/10

PS: One redeeming point of the movie is the action. The action which is not funny. The action has been brilliantly choreographed and some of the action is comparable to the ones in Hollywood movies.

PPS: I guess the 2nd best part about the movie was its duration. The agony lasted for just a shade over 2 hrs.

  1. Kavity says:

    I do not understand why you even chose to see soemthing like CC2C. I din’t know you were this vela, Vinay Vasan Badri!

  2. Manoj says:

    i walked out of the movie hall in half n hr…first time a movie has been tht stronggggg….ufff…n wrt kavity’s comment, rotfl…she believes u ‘work’ otherwise, little does she know tht title of consultant doesnt necessarily mean same role as she does lol 😛

  3. vinayvasan says:

    @Kavity, That movie didn come on the net to download as fast as it should have.. So had to go to the theatre..
    @Manoj, Do u really think i work irrespective of whether i am a consultant or not? 😛

  4. Kavity says:

    @ Manoj: I seriously think Marketeers like you should be given at least a day long class on what the word “Consulting” entails!
    @ Vinay: As for you, I should have known better than to comment here about you and work in tandem with one another!

  5. vinayvasan says:

    @Kavity.. Work and I share a love-hate relationship. I love it when there is no work and Hate it when there is 🙂
    @Manoj.. At the end of the day long class, if v hv confused u, then u wud realize v r true consultants

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