The Race – by Richard North Patterson

Posted: February 2, 2009 in Book Review
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One of those vague books that have a back page story that ensures that you will buy the book, I picked it up at the Chennai Airport on the way back to Hyderabad. 

The book is about the Republican party presidential nomination and the fight for it amongst the 3 contendors. One backed by the corporate world, especially one notorious media boss and aided by spin doctor (that would make Daryll Cullinan turn white in this sleep), molded vaguely (Ok I am being polite) on the lines of Karl Rove, the 2nd contendor, an evangelist with the power of the church behind him and religion as his chief weapon and finally, the main protagonist; A war-hero with a past that has driven him to politics; a maverick who does not toe the party line; fiercely independent; oblivious to norms; unmarried and dating a black actress (Strong Build-up, The halo was the only thing missing)

The book is promising enough and keeps one engaged throughout. It does provide insights and is strongly against the power of corporates in politics. It talks a whole lot about the politicization of science. Race, is not just about the nomination race but also about race, black and white and how racism still exists. On the flip side, some events in the book seem too pat and too convenient. 

An engrossing enough book, its definitely one to pick up if you are interested in politics especially on the global scale and have some time free

Rating – 7.5/10

  1. Sathiya Narayanan says:

    Hi Vinoth,

    Well, after reading this post, the book sure looks interesting. A 6 rating huh? May be i shud give it a try..

    I still work in Deloitte and I stay near Hotel Tamil Nadu! Do add me on your communicator. my id is satnarayanan. you know the domain 🙂

    I work out of E block 😦

    Looking forward to hear from you..


  2. vinayvasan says:

    @Sathiya.. It is decent but some things in the book seem too coincidental pushing the hero into the spotlight.. Well thats why the 6 rating..

  3. vinayvasan says:

    and btw the name is Vinay and not Vinoth 🙂

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