Ayan- Old Wine New Bottle, refreshing in parts

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Music
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Its the next Surya-Harris Jeyraj combo after the brilliant and successful music of Vaaranam Aayirum and expectations are pretty high after their last success. Harris Jeyraj as a music composer has come a long way starting from Minnale and has many successful albums to his credit. However, a common grouse against him is that his tunes sound familiar and he has this tendency to throw out music that form part of the fillers that ARR uses. VA broke that trend and was refreshing but he falls back to previous failings in Ayan. It must be said however, that while the music might sound familiar, he still makes the song intensely listenable, and albums a hit



The album opens with Pala Pala. Sung by Hariharan, it is a fast-paced song, the likes of which Hariharan excels in and he does a brilliant job. Fast paced beats and rhythmic background instrumentals set up the song. There are portions of the song where the music goes to the background and Hariharan literally carries the song on his voice. These are among the really awesome moments of the album. However, one cant help noticing the resemblance to “Romeyo Aatam Pottal” from Mr. Romeo. Despite that, it is a very catchy song and will surely be on everyone’s lips.

Nenje Nenje opens brilliantly with the silky tones of Mahanti. Her voice is deftly complemented by great guitar work and set ups the stage for Harish Raghavendra to enter. He does not disappoint and starts up in the high pitch that he is blessed with and lends an awesome feel and mood for the song. Both Mahanti and Harish make a good pair and the music is simply brilliant before the second charanam. Lyrics for this song is A+ and it is among the best song in the album.

Honey Honey is a song that is quite different and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The drums and use of instruments is pretty innovative. The singer, Sayanora Philips and Devan, lend a modern unnatural feel to the song, an almost rap feel to the song. But frankly, didnt appeal much to me and can safely be classified into those Harris Jeyraj compositions which you would never listen again unless the picturization of the song changes the view.

Vizhi Moodi marks another combination of Karthik-Harris and from previous successes including Oru Maalai and Anjale, you naturally expect another hit and you are not disappointed. While not an easy song to like, this song grows on you. The music is some cases is very minimalistic and Karthik’s voice renders it beautifully. The steady rythmic beats lend a nice melanchonic mood to the song and the lyrics fits in beautifully. The female voice backing is simply brilliant.

Finally, the youth song of the album, Oh Ya Ye Yaay. Another love-at-first-listen song, brilliantly rendered by Benny Dayal (Man he is getting impressive wih each album), Chinmayi and Haricharan, its a peppy number. It does have a certain resemblance to Adiye Kollude but still not as much in the rock genre. Haricharan impresses in the charanam and adds zest in the song. It is the pick of the album in my view.

Ayan, while definitely not the best or most original album of HJ, still packs a punch. It is pleasent and delights. With 2 chart busters, this album should mark another success for HJ.

  1. Kavity says:

    ..and what is with all these music, movie and book reviews? Too much enthu, looks like!

  2. vinayvasan says:

    Considering that one spends most of his free (well we arent gettin paid, so it is free) time reading books, watching movies and listening to music, those are integral parts of life :)…

  3. prabhu says:

    hai igo to college

  4. prabhu says:

    uhuijopl[mj ihugijkp;l. .’

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