Punisher: War Zone – Bang Bang Bang

Posted: February 24, 2009 in Everyone's a critic

The Punisher, as the story goes is a soldier named Frank Castle whose family is murdered after they watch a mafia execution. Frank decides to have his revenge and punish not only those who had killed his family but also just about every bad guy. But then this is not the story of this movie. Punisher: War Zone starts off interestingly enough when the Punisher terminates a mafia family and in the process shoots dead an undercover FBI agent. Punisher now feels bad about it as he killed a good guy and decides to quit. But then, the villain Jigsaw, goes after the FBI agent’s family and Punisher is back, with a bang (all pun intended and so much so for the storyline)

Punisher: War Zone

Punisher: War Zone

Brutal and violent, Punisher as a comic itself belonged to the Marvel Max line and it exploits this to the full. Action is fast-paced, gruesome and in some cases, too much.

Another bang bang movie, the body count is quite high and provides 1.5 hrs of non-stop adrenalin coursing action entertainment.

Rating – 3/10

PS: The movie was directed by Lexi Alexander. While this effort is not that great, it is indeed nice to have women directors on action movies like this. Thats one more bullet into the glass ceiling (All pun intended). Also goes to show, women directors can make the-guy movies.

  1. Theja says:

    Good writing dude ! Way 2 Go !!

  2. arunnsub says:

    couldnt cross the half an hour mark da…..too much bloodshed n gore…..

  3. vinayvasan says:

    Well Marvel Comics which publishes Punisher has a line called Marvel Max. This line delivers books that are not meant for children and Punisher is/was one of the flagship publication

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