Villu – A refreshingly original movie for Vijay

Posted: March 3, 2009 in Everyone's a critic

1) It is not the remake of any Telugu movie (well its a remake of the Hindi movie “Soldier” but that is an improvement for Vijay)

2) It is not a typical you-killed-my-father-so-I-will-have-my-vengeance story

3) It does not give any build up for Vijay

4) Vijay does not treat his heroines like he is doing a favor falling in love with them

5) Vijay does not bash up village-loads of baddies

6) Vijay does not say any punhc-dialogue

7) Vijay does not dance some 4 feet away from his heroine

8) There are no typical gaana song for Vijay in this movie

9) There are no songs in this movie shot in Switzerland where the hero is clad in layers of heavy clothing and the heroine has to prance around in skimpy clothing

10) The heroine is not made to act dumb

11) Vijay is not a one-man army

Villu- Semma Powerfullu

Villu is a refreshingly original movie and makes so much sense that it astounds.

Ok. I think this is like being extremely sarcastic. Villu as a movie is hardly different from any Vijay movie over the past few years. Basically remove all the negatives from the above 11 points and you have the formula for a Vijay movie. (A decent amount of Vijay bashing).

But things apart, what really appalls me in his movies is the scant importance given to the heroines, in this case Nayantara. I mean, it is really irritating to see someone who is well educated (in the movie) fall head over heels the moment Vijay lays down the rules and basically highlights to the audience that girls are dumb type of message. Highly irritating. I guess Srivi did a good job of elucidating that in her blog.

Rating – This movie does not deserve one. Recommended for watching if you are a Vijay fan, tubelight, fridge, tv etc

  1. Vijay says:

    This was a refreshingly original review and made so much sense that it astounded 😛

    But seriously, well written da. Till I came to the point about songs in Switzerland, I actually thought you were serious. I haven’t seen the movie, but I am very sure it deserved the thrashing.

    I got to know a couple of days back that Nayanthara has been awarded the Kalaimamani. I was speechless. It was truly one of those WTF moments!!!

  2. Srinath says:

    Vinay in Blogosphere – not the bad ! However, the title and the content of the blog do not resonate. Knowing you, I expect to see truly delusional stuff out here.

  3. arunnsub says:

    wonder what karadi will say to this post 😛

  4. Vijay says:

    LOL..good one da. I actually thought you were serious till I came to the point about songs in Switzerland. I haven’t seen the movie, but am sure it deserved the thrashing 😛

    Nayanthara is to be blamed too, for accepting such silly roles. I got to know a couple of days back that she has been chosen for the Kalaimamani this year. It was truly one of those WTF moments!!!

  5. vinayvasan says:

    @Srinath, well the name had to be catchy tho i admit randy thoughts of an arbit mind sounds even more awesome
    @Mami, Karadi can defend his hero till hell freezes over but this movie is the total pits
    @Vijay, You dont know the half of it. As always, there is this amma-paasam part.. (thankfully no thangachi paasam n all). Well Nayanthara is hardly to blame.. After all there is only a few roles she can take on as she definitely cant act and then after a few years ( 2 years ) would be relegated to sister or hero’s anni role or get into tv serials.. so make hay while the sun shines is her policy.. Of course, it does require a strong person to say no to these roles n take up meaningful ones but i dont think Tamil cinema (or even Hindi cinema) has evolved that much

  6. Vijay says:

    Nayanthara is not to be blamed. Actually, no one needs to be “blamed”.

    You know this is a lot like how a lot of us looked at Indian IT from the outside and cried that there is a lot of low-end work. Movie makers are not obligated to portray anyone in any particular way. They bow to market forces. There are people paying and watching this stuff, it is legal, so they are doing it. Simple enough. But its anyone’s choice whether they want anything to do with this circus; be it as an actress or as a viewer.

  7. vinayvasan says:

    Lest you forget, I am technologically challenged (mech engg) :).. Well the point about market forces is well taken else an actor like Vijay could hardly be a hero so long without reinventing himself if it was not for people liking him for wat he does in each n every movie

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