Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu – The season of the underdog continues

Posted: March 11, 2009 in Everyone's a critic

Another underdog story, this time about a village kabadi team, a team that loses repeatedly in kabadi but want to win and make it big. They end up participating in an tournament against professional kabadi players and how they triumph all odds is the very basic cliched story. Right!!! I defy anyone to watch the movie esp the climax and say that this is a cliched been-there-done-there movie.

Venila Kabadi Kuzhu

Venila Kabadi Kuzhu

Sometimes as a viewing audience, there are some scenes in certain movies, that make you go WTF because it was so totally unexpected. Scenes like those make up for any blandness in the movie. Mounam Pesiyadhe had a totally unexpected twist in the end, is a very recent example. Don, which faithfully followed the original had an unexpected ending. The last 10 mins of Venila Kabadi Kuzhu (VKV) belong to that. A magician’s favorite trick is to get the audience to focus on his right hand while the he does the manipulations in his left hand. VKV shows all hands but still decks you with an unexpected twist. The climax has been deliberately shot differently.

The movie stars a whole host of unknown faces and is also the debut work of the director, Susindhran. While the movie is about kabadi, the director takes his own sweet time getting there. Instead there is the usual love-at-first-site between the hero Maari (Vishnu) and Saranya Mohan. It is very well done but then takes up too much time and makes up for a meandering 1st 45 mins of the movie. As Vishnu is no Vijay to carry a kabadi movie (for your reference, Ghilli) on his own, his other team mates are also profiled and make up some interesting/comical moments in the movie. Vishnu, while not initially part of the playing team (he watches over the players belongings when they are playing), makes his talent known and becomes an integral part of the team and they head over to Madurai to participate and win the kabadi tournament. Kishore becomes the coach for the team and helps them throughout the tournament. While issues regarding caste-ism, coach-captain importance, inter-village conflicts are shown, those are brushed aside as the main focus is the kabadi and the fortunes of the team.

The movie does not call for much acting requirement from the cast and the cast manages that admirably well. Screenplay once the kabadi action starts is quite brisk while it is the first half that sags a bit. Kishore, however, sounds strange (constipated) when he speaks and is actually quite irritating.

Music deserves a special mention. Songs are quite brilliant, Lesa Perakudhu Manasu, Pada Padavenu,Uyiril Yedho are amazingly melodious while there is an obligatory motivational song Mannai Thodu which is also quite brilliant. It has been a stellar effort by Selvaganesh. Background music is also brilliant. A special mention must be made for the amazing camera work. Rural India has been shown quite brilliantly. Wide angle shots of lush green fields make for really compelling viewing.

Great Direction, Brilliant music and a twist in the tale make this a must watch.

Rating – 8/10

  1. Watched it 2 days back… Liked it. Nice review.

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