Song Worm!!!!

Posted: October 26, 2009 in Music
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is  a song that gets stuck in your head for a really long time. Just realized how bad it can. This one song called “Oy Oy” from the rather (un)imaginatively titled movie “Oy” has been playing from the morning on my Ipod. Even if I change the song, thats the one that keeps playing in the mind-space and hence, I am forced to listen to the song again so that I dont have to hear my (rather tone- and tune-less) voice singing that song.

Worst thing is it is not like the song is a really awesome song. Just damn peppy and catchy. Oy stars Siddarth and Shamili and the song is sung by Siddarth himself. Music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Arrgh, I have listened to the song over 50 times now. So obsessed over it that I have even have the lyrics and its translation almost by heart.

For those interested, heres the song: and heres the lyrics and translation:

There the song starts again

PS: Gult songs also rock. Listening to so many of those these days. Would be better if I understood what they are singing though

  1. Kavitha says:

    Since yesterday, it has been ‘Aval appadi ondrum azhagillai’ for me 😀 And arnd a month back it was ‘Thai Thindra Mannae’ all thanks to you! I think I should stop reading your taglines and music reviews and save myself from any more song worms!

  2. vinayvasan says:

    You should blame Mani for Aval appadi ondrum azhagillai- he introduced me to that song and I have been hooked on to that.. My last worm (not as bad as this one) was “Pia Pia” from Ninaithale Innikkum

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