Restless Night

Posted: February 5, 2010 in cricket

Dry Throat. Clammy Feet. Nervous Hands. Pacing. Trying to sleep but not getting any. Big Day tomorrow. Running through hundreds of scenarios. Thinking of what going to happen. What is going to be dished out. A nearly forgotten man remembered again. The last survivor of the almost lost generation.

Am I capable of handling it. Will I make tomorrow my day or will I just be another name with my fleeting 5 mins of fame. After all these years, knocking knocking knocking, finally a chance. Will I grab it. My entire dream, my passion, my goal. Just been waiting for this moment for my entire life time.

These are probably some of the thoughts running through Badrinath as he makes his debut in another 9 hours. We wish you the best Badrinath and go do it, not for anyone but just for yourselves.

  1. Manikandan says:

    🙂 All the best Badri!
    And Rohit?

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