The Bird’s Eye View

Posted: February 21, 2010 in Arbit, Travel
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Of all the forms of transportation, air travel leaves me more than slightly disoriented and is often a pain in the ear (literally) for me. Different techniques still leave me with the same pain and I agree with Wolverine when he quips “If god meant for us to fly, he would have given us wings”.

With no way of avoiding it anyways, I have resolved to make the best of the situation by demanding the window seat (as always) and spend time looking out or if that doesn’t happen, just go to sleep (the problem with sleep being it rarely occurs on demand like the speed on demand touted by various internet companies). Owing to case 1, I have had instances wherein I have been awake and able to quite appreciate the bird’s eye during landings and take-offs, during the evening and night times and each of the cities that I have had the opportunity to observe throw up their own beauty when you look at it

Mumbai: It possibly offers the best view in the evenings/nights with the Marine Drive and the Queen’s necklace standing out quite prominently. Its quite a joy to follow the curve of the coastline and its the sight to see (Though its another thing when you land in day time as more often than the beauty of the coast line, its the slums adjoining the airport that catch your eye)

Chennai: Another city, another coast line. While the coastline is not as sinuous as the Mumbai coastline, nevertheless, the Chennai coastline viewed from top is quite nice especially as the coast just seems to run straight

Hyderabad (Old Airport): The best part about the old airport (apart from its accessibility) was the fact that evening/night take-offs and landings gave you a view of the Hussain Sagar Lake from the top. Its quite a site, to see a dark mass surrounded by lights, almost like a black hole.

Hyderabad (New Airport): All you see is one lone illuminated stretch of road, weaving and winding, quite like a snake with nothing really nearby quite highlighting how far away from civilization it is (But then you cant have it all, the airport is quite brilliant compared to some of the others)

Dubai: First thing that strikes you even as you touchdown at 1 PM is the lights seem damn bright. The next thing you notice is that the road are straight, damn straight. Two perpendicular roads. And yes, there might possibly be others but the cloud cover hid most of it

PS: Arbit post to kill time in the airport. Cant afford to sleep. Effect of watching Up in the Air too

  1. Kavitha says:

    Chennai, apart from the coastline, also looks very quaint, silent and harmless, at night time, with lights twinkling.
    Mumbai, yes, like you said, the contrast is evident even when you are still in the air. Slums, high rises, slums, high rises and so on it goes..
    Ahmedabad: During the day, it looks literally brown from up above, with dust flying about everywhere – a verrrry ‘inviting’ site on a hot summer day in the middle of May

  2. lazeyblogger says:

    Nice! Well written…How does London airport look btw ? 🙂

  3. vinayvasan says:

    @lazey blogger: Dank, Damp, Foggy and 5 metres of visibility

  4. Sandman says:

    @Vinay: Dude you missed my good news. I QUIT ON FRIDAY. Have fun in London by the way

  5. Shrutz says:

    Trivandrum: Yes really 🙂

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