Moms, Songs & AR Rahman

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Music
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AR Rahman’s “Kalayil Dhinamum Kan Vizhithaal” was probably his finest song praising mothers until the shuffle on my ipod threw up the song, Uyirum Neeye from the movie Pavithra. Sung by Unnikrishnan (who coincidentally is also the singer for the Kalayil song) with amazing lyrics from Vairamuthu, this is THE song.

This blog post is dedicated to all moms especially my super mom

  1. Deepa says:

    Kudos to both songs. to all moms…

  2. Kavity says:

    Cheers to both the songs, all moms & ARR 🙂

  3. Yasaswi says:

    Very nice song! I think Unni’s voice is well-suited for this kind of music – he should collaborate more often with ARR.
    I’m not a big fan of his classical concerts coz of the numerous mistakes he makes and lack of depth – but hez always been excellent in his light-classical-based film songs renditions. He’s much more at home here.

  4. vinayvasan says:

    @Deepa, Kavity – well put 🙂
    @Yash – Bows. You should blog comparing singers then 😀

  5. jai says:

    Thats a fantastic song!

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