Top (Non-ARR) Tamil Songs – 2010

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

With part 1 & part 2 done, its time for the best Tamil songs of 2010 and it certainly was a decent year. While not having really awesome music as 2009, 2010 still threw up a lot of good numbers

5. Thediye Thediye (Va Quarter Cutting): Its one of those songs that I call sinusoidal :). The song waves and waxes, lending a very pleasant feel. Andrea again has the knack of singing songs of the kind that immediately catch the attention. This is easily one of the most hummable song and even without your own knowledge, you begin to hum the song. Quite superb.

5. Dhimu Dhimu (Engeyum Kadhal): Harris Jeyraj is second only to ARR when it comes to composing soft melodious romantic songs. Most of his songs seems familiar and this familiarity is his biggest strength. Karthik, the master crooner of the young brigade of soft songs, steps in here and as always does a phenomenal job. Watch his take when he goes “Ho Anbe, Nee Sendral…”. Outstanding. Again, Harris’ play using the female chorus is amazing as is the sax piece between 1st and 2nd charanam. And the song finishes on an awesomely strong note with the chorus and the sax piece overlapping. Harris is the man.

4. Thuli Thuli (Paiyaa): Lovely strings lighting up the song, this Yuvan Shankar Raja song is indeed a treat. Listen to the bass as the song starts. Totally sexy. Haricharan is at his mellifluous best as he lends an air of extreme longing to the song. Very clean rendering. The part when he goes “sel sel avaladul sel” as well as when he goes to high pitch on “Netri Melle…” are totally awesome.

3. Thee Illai (Engeyum Kadhal): Harris Jeyraj does surprise his listeners at times with some awesome left field composition and Thee Illai falls into that category. A haunting violin piece starts the song before rhythmic beats up the tempo on the song & Naresh Iyer steps into the song. Naresh Iyer is maturing as a singer amazingly and he carries this song beautifully. This song is not the kind one will love at first listen but after multiple listen, this is easily the best song of the album. Mahati’s voice complements Naresh’s perfectly. All in all, an exquisite song

2. Poongatre Poongatre (Paiyaa): A peppy song from Yuvan Shankar Raja and quite heavy on the guitar. There are not too many instances in Tamil music when the guitar has really dominated. (Nenje Thullipo from University, Kadhal Mazhaiye from Jay Jay being 2 songs that come to mind immediately and of course, Uiyirin Uyire from Kaakha Kaakha) Amazingly brisk song. If there is a singer who has impressed me continuously over the last couple of years, it has been Benny Dayal. He is simply energetic and zestful. Top marks for the instrumentation throughout the song and is no wonder this has been a phenomenal chart buster

1. Idhu Varai (Goa): There are songs and then there are songs. That would be one way to describe Idhu Varai. This has been one of the songs that has played on an infinite repeat this year on my pod. Starting off slowly with Andrea’s fairly husky Western tinged voice, the tempo gradually increases. The keyboard on the piece is simply outstanding and Andrea has done an fundamentally fantastic job. What makes this awesome song even awesomer is when Ajeesh steps in. Wattay take, seriously, wattay take. Amazingly sweet voice and an excellent contrast to Andrea’s. YSR, take a bow. For this song alone, I am willing to forgive you for all those songs you have murdered by singing them in your voice, in 2010

Other notables:
Neela Vaanam (Manmadhan Ambu)
Most songs from Madrasapattinam
Vaa Vaa Nilavai (Naan Mahaan Alla)
Nenjil Nenjil (Engeyum Kadhal)
Adada Mazhai Da (Paiyaa)

  1. Kavity says:

    I love 1.. and 5 too. Can listen to both endlessly. Ajeesh’s voice is amazing in 1. Good find from Super Singer really!

  2. vinayvasan says:

    Oh ya, this has been an Andrea year no doubt and Ajeesh, boy o boy, he has certainly done a phenom job on this song

  3. Anusha says:

    Bang on..I would put your 1,2,3,5 in the order 1,2,3,4 though!! 🙂

  4. vinayvasan says:

    @Anusha, I guess thats the problem.Barring 1, all of the others are very close.. All equally hummable, awesome & musical…

    I also assume the 5 u r referring to is Thediye, tho if u listen to Telugu music, Dhimmu Dhimmu is same as Chilipiga song from Orange

  5. Kavity says:

    Btw, I forgot one important movie – Aayirathil Oruvan! That would be amongst my top 5 non-ARR songs definitely, but that is because I am always leaned towards the lyrics more than the voice that sings it. Thaai Thindra Mannae was one brilliant masterpiece.

  6. vinayvasan says:

    Tho the movie released in 2010, the music came out way back in 2009. Thats y didn include. Same for Engeyum Kadhal. Movie is releasing in 2011 but music came out in 2010

  7. Kavity says:

    Ok 😀 Unkitta poyi music pathi argue panna try pannen paaru. Enna sollanum 😀

  8. vinayvasan says:

    Ha ha :).. Finally, Kavity had admitted defeat 😀

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