A (Not-so) Random Rant

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Rants & Cribs

I have, on a few occasions, some adjectives thrown in my direction, frequently alternating between careless, sloppy, indifferent, whimsical, disorganized, messy, fragile, irresponsible, profane, class-less and other similar meaning words, if you get my drift. To a large part, I tend to remain indifferent(ha!) to those nice big sounding adjectives. In fact, until it really affects me, I prefer things to remain as they are. This might seem to indicate that I have a fairly high tolerance while the truth is I simply don’t care or prefer to spend time thinking about these things.

However, I would tend to disagree on a few adjectives especially around the disorganization part. I am not disorganized, I am just uniquely organized(!). My room often presents the appearance of a bombed out WWII shelter but ask me where things that I use are located & I can locate that before you could say “The Eternal Sledgehammer of Truth & Justice”. In fact, the most complaints I have got is when people copy stuff from my hard disk (especially music & books) & end up whining “Its not organized”. (Thats actually the part that surprises me a lot, since the closest I get to conventional ordering & organizing sense is with my books & music collection :D).

Coming back to the point of being careless, again it really depends on what is important to me. For instance, my electronics collection of laptops, ipods, kindle, hard disks, speaker systems, camera, headphones et al will always not look great (in fact, might have a layer of dust in some cases) but they have NEVER been roughly handled by me. Simple fact: Dirt & Dust are temporary but Cracks & Bumps stay on forever.

Now, what got me started on this rant. One Minor & one major incident.

Minor incident: Manager on one of my projects with a manic desire of keeping everything neat, clean & organized objected very strongly to the mess of papers & print-outs I had strewn all over MY place, saying it was affecting her concentration. Turned fairly nasty as I cannot work without some kind of mess around me & I had information & notes on most of the paper strewn around me, which I was trying to link. I compromised by saying that this “mess” would be cleared at the end of each day. Manager disagreed & both of us stuck to our own guns. As a last option, found a place away from her eyesight to continue working.

Major incident: Of all my possessions, I would rate my ipod as the closest to my heart. Not a day goes by when I dont use it & I am (inordinately) proud of my music collection as well as the collection I have in the ipod. The 35-40 mins walk back home with my ipod switched on is always almost the best moment in a day. It also helps that, unlike others, the ipod is not judgmental & does not really raise an eyebrow shuffling from Maha Ganapathim to Katti Pudi Katti Pudi da to Rulaka Gaya Sapna to Aati Kya Khandala back to back. To cut to the chase, one of my friends had come home the other day & that , considered by some (whose names I am not taking), as an extremely organized, conscientious, thoughtful, mature, individual, “accidentally” ( I will call it carelessly) knocks my ipod & phone off the ledge , while opening the bookcase. Now, the guy, instead of apologizing & checking up on the damage caused, does not even bother to say sorry (Not that a sorry would help) & instead giggles (yes, giggles) his way & continues to browse the titles on my bookcase, picks up a book, makes small talk & leaves. Now, when I check the ipod, I find that the headphone is very badly damaged, the screen is scratched and, the inner screen liquid has leaked. The cruelest of cruelest heartbreaks ever. It is losing a good friend especially one who has been through all kinds of shit with you & the worst thing is that the individual is not even aware of the damage he has caused. Now, who is careless & sloppy eh?

So, yes, one can guess what is my current mood right now & if I am even more biting, wicked, impatient & sarcastic, this is the reason why. I had to get this one out & I also rest easy in the fact, that the said individual does not read my blog.

Dude (you know who you are), if you are reading it, I certainly dont bear a grudge against you & I will be my usual normal self when I meet you next (I am eminently capable of acting like things are normal at any given time) but a nice pair of headphones & taking some responsibility will certainly be appreciated.

  1. Kavity says:

    Ouch! I-pod! I can so imagine.

  2. vinayvasan says:

    Yes :(.. Totally… and as I ranted, the individual goes on without any idea of the damage caused…

  3. Kandarp says:

    Ah ! so sorry to hear.
    Some people just act so bizzare, you wonder if only you would behave differently !

  4. Sriram says:

    ah the ipod 😦

    organised ppl can’t bear to see disorganised stuff. its an ocd thing. simple as that. stick to your guns 😛

  5. vinayvasan says:

    @Kandy, Others are typically bizzare (this is purely a biased view :D)
    @Tiku, Dont you know me well enough. I will always stick to my guns & put peace 🙂

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