A Sunday afternoon well spent

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Books
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Its been over 3 years since I have come to Hyderabad & it quite tells a story, that in these 3 years, my worldly acquisitions have been: TV, Fridge, Washing Machine & Books. Just earning a salary meant that I had the license to actually go the whole way & buy loads & loads of books. Some of them absolute classics, some which I am sure, I would not even take a look at again, Impulse buys, Carefully planned purchases, special books, cherished books, leave-your-brain while reading book; Thriller, Action, Mystery, Non-fiction, History, Politics, Comics, Fantasy Fiction, Cricket books; All these & more.

Its always been one of my greatest desires to have a really awesome bookshelf, overflowing with books of all kind. The one which is spacious but is still sagging under the weight of the books it has to bear. So when I shifted to my new place in Hyd almost 1.5 years ago, one of the things that I really loved about the place was the wood worked showcase. It seemed to be calling out to me to be filled up with books. A challenge I took on gamely. Time passed & books filled it up. And after spending the best part of today morning & afternoon cleaning, ordering & sorting it out, here is the end result. Enjoy 🙂

Fantasy Fiction with a smattering of Sci-Fi

Indian Authors with 1 Pakistani & 1 SL author plus overflow from below shelf


My pride & joy - Comics

Serious Stuff

Author-wise collection

  1. Shrutz says:

    I seeeee Watchmen!

  2. vinayvasan says:

    Yes & thanks to you :)….. First time someone gifted me a book for a bday 🙂

  3. ooooo….wicked i say

  4. Nidhi Singhania says:

    Super Like & Super Jealous of your collection and the shelves also 😛

  5. Prathap says:

    Vinay.. we can start library memberships soon 🙂

  6. vinayvasan says:

    @Sarah, thank you 🙂
    @Nidhi, thanks you :)..
    @Prathap, Sure… but then I hate lending books 🙂

  7. Kandarp says:

    this is totally kickass !!

    Hey – speaking of comics – do you have a Lee Falk collection (Phantom/Mandrake) dying to locate it in bookstores… 😦

  8. vinayvasan says:

    @Kandy, I might have the e-comic version of it…..

  9. shruthir says:

    WOW! I have to say, konjum randomly i stumbled upon your blog, and absurd as it may be, my bookshelf bears uncanny resemblance to yours! LOTR and Vikram Seth! 😀

  10. vijaypareek says:

    Where is this place you call ‘home’ ?

    Fiction and no Arthur Hailey ?

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