Posted: July 3, 2012 in Arbit, Shorts

2052 AD

This was it. The final task, the final objective, the final labor. Labor eh? He mused to himself, at the thought of comparing himself to Hercules. May be he indeed was a modern day Hercules, striving to reach the pantheons of gods, in this case, the exalted group that mattered in the world. The Inner Group, that controlled & ran the world, all behind the scenes.

He sure had achieved a lot of things. Cracking into the vaults of Coke to steal their super-secret formula (at this point, he was tempted to think of an old time classic movie Kungfu Panda 2 & chuckled bitterly to himself), fostering peace between the warring factions of the middle east (Nothing that opening a chain of casinos & offshore banks, along with unlimited supply of liquor, could not solve),solving who really killed JFK (Alan Moore got it right, of all people), concluding the epic “A Song of Ice & Fire” (the 11th book “A Sliver of Summer” was finally released on the 30th anniversary of GRRM’s death & 10 years after the release of the 10th book “A Fall of the Wall”, following which the author chosen by GRRM to conclude the series committed suicide unable to bear the pressure), Solving Fermat’s Last Theorem, Defeating the Kobayashi Maru, Devising a fool proof DRS system & now the 8th task

Hercules was a singularly unimaginative, weak bugger who had to rely on the help of others to achieve his goal; he scoffed, mentally dismissing the comparison. On the other hand, what he had achieved was through his own efforts, his brain & technology that he had built.

Focus on the task at hand, he mentally chided himself. He walked down to the rendezvous point, an abandoned government building. Vaulting up the stairs, he reached the room where he expected the briefing for the last task to take place. Instead he found an envelope waiting for him & a terminal glowing away brightly in the corner. Strange, there had always been someone to brief him, he thought as he tore open the contents of the envelope & found a note inside. One side of the note had names with ages. A hit list. He was singularly disappointed. No subtlety, no challenge. Just some lives to be snuffed out.

He turned over the note & read with growing horror at the task set for him. It was terse & simple.



“Book Tatkal tickets through the IRCTC website for the 6 people”.

And the clock struck 8

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