“There are some things in the world, Captain Niobe, that will never change”

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Arbit

1)      Around 10 days back, I had the opportunity to visit campus for the summer placement process, this time from the other side (the dark side if you will, depending on where you are looking at). While a lot of things on campus have changed, the placement madness has most definitely not. The tense nervous stench that permeates the campus has not changed even after half a decade (sheesh, it has been that long). The faces may have changed but the expressions remain the same. The deathly stillness, the absolute freezing of the face muscles so as to not show any expression lest it be construed for weakness, quite a few students sitting together in a circle preparing while each wages an internal war, some confident, some mentally rehearsing, things just have not changed. Looking at things this time from outside in, one cannot help but wonder if there is an alternative to this process or are students & placement committee comfortable with the process. The reason for bringing it up arises from the fact that students who end up coming from interviews (especially once they see a decent chunk of their batch getting the plum offers) invariably are nervous, jittery & low on confidence. There is an air of desperation & the risk of trying too hard is quite significant as is the risk of making a bad choice & accepting an offer, just to get out of the process


2)      The charm of certain hole-in-the-wall eat-out spots lies in their role as a social leveler. It is the kind of place where the quality of food is so awesome that at any given time you can find people from various strata frequenting. One such place lies very close to Kapaleeshwarar Temple in Mylapore. It is a literal window in a house that opens out to the street & sitting at the window, a team of 4 cooks cook up a veritable delight to the senses through a range of South India dishes. This place has been in existence for over 15 years (by my reckoning or since I had something first there) & still the crowd remains while the fare remains as excellent as before. Proof being the plate of awesome bhajji that I polished off in no time

3)      Science Fiction movies, the one set on earth, have the same uniform color palette. It is bleak & usually in various shades of grey (No pun intended). It almost looks like color has been outlawed and grey is the only permitted color. Scorched earth & Scorched skies (usually a by-product of a nuclear war). I wonder if all of us (film makers & viewers) have such a pessimistic view of the future


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