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This post aptly titled refers to my (mis)adventures that occured as a direct result of suffering from a disease titled “Monday afternoon post lunch blues”. The symptoms of this disease are characterised by a total lack of focus on any task on hand, general drowsiness, repeatedly checking the watch and in my office the clocks indicating various time zones and really wishing you could get your hands on the person who said “time flies”, a glazy look, yawning (contagious) and an outpouring of utter rubbish on the powerpoint file that I was supposed to be creating.

This was the situation that I found myself and to get out of it, I decided that music would help solve the problem. Hey Presto! in a sec, the headphone was out and connected to lappy. Choosing a song didnt take much time and by the time one could say “Superman”, a very nice number was playing from the movie “Bachna Ae Haseeno”, featuring the lovely voice of Shreya Ghoshal and the very different but unique voice of Lucky Ali. Within minutes, the song started taking effect on me. 

Now, imagine  a drink that has been created by breaking glass pieces and powdering them fine, very fine. Then mix powdered sandpaper to the above powder and add an acid (any acid) to mix them together. Pour this down the throat of a person. To the above combination, add a sore throat and a bad cold to boot. Try imagining how that person’s voice would sound. (Shudders) That gives you a fair idea of how bad I sound when I sing. 

And singing I was, with the song, totally oblivious to the surroundings and trying to croon the way Lucky Ali was. A few startled eyebrows were raised but no comments forthcoming. With the tempo of the song increasing, so did my volume and now my co-workers were visibly cringing. Still, I continued. Soon, it was a hand on my shoulder that roused me from the dangers I had put my co-workers in. A whole host of dirty stares later, I decided to take a walk. And lo, I had succeeded in irritating my colleagues (I might have just woken them up from their mid-afternoon nap).

That incident has still not been forgotten. An hour later, I am still being subjected to dirty glares and smirks throughout.