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It’s taken a while to get to this. A while hoping that I would be able to get my thoughts in order to offer a structured incisive analysis but hey, who am I kidding? The events of last week just adds on to some of these similarly disquieting events over the past few months and all I have to offer are pop culture references and some bad jokes. If the post sounds even more incoherent and rambling than usual, we blame it all on Thanos


The detached sense is really from being an outsider. Not my country, not my problem right? But then, is that really true. The look on Obama’s face as he addressed the country the next day was the one that will truly stand out. A decent man looking at a shattered legacy. A man looking at his country that had let him down. Obama’s term has been marked by his powerlessness at times with opposition for the sake of opposition and he now foresees the corpse of his vision and achievement trampled under the gilded feet of a country and society that instead of looking to the future wants to relive the past



When it truly begins to sink in…..


But I really think the greater sense of sadness is how the vision of a world that is interconnected, global, open, tolerant and all the good things that we read about in books just seems to belong right there. Between Brexit and this election, one thing that clearly comes out is we are increasingly set for a world that is going to be inward looking to a greater extent. Isolationalism is pretty much going to be the core message and with elections due next year in Germany and France where the inward looking parties now emboldened by the success of bluster, rhetoric, half-truths and outright lies, can afford to dream of similar such results.


Of course, what everyone really failed to consider is the feelings of those people who voted for Brexit and Trump. These are people who have seen their way of life not improving much or even being bypassed by the nature of things around them and even worse, finding themselves being ridiculed and ignored. Their cause being driven by anger, their votes being their weapons, their voice has been found and it’s proven to be deafening


The importance of tech and growing automation is going to make this scenario repeat globally. Low skill jobs are vanishing, there is no stopping progress. To correct what I said, the value of low skill jobs is going down. There will always be someone to do it at a lower cost than what the job is actually worth but to that person, even that lower cost represents something more valuable when they have very little until technology reduces that cost even further. What however is undeniable is, people have to evolve and get more skilled. How does that work unless you get trained or study further. But college education is expensive, the debts are crippling and it’s hard. Why would anyone want to do that? Wouldn’t one rather have the government place a premium on ensuring that it’s citizens are well educated and subsidize education? But no, that requires for a courage to change the status quo, seeks consensus, build bridges and a lot of political will. Hence, the easier route is taken, pander to the lower common denominator since it’s easy and a decision that can be passed on the next generation


But as Dr. Ian Malcolm says in Jurassic Park – “the history of evolution has taught us it’s that life will not be contained. Life breaks free, it expands to new territories and crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously, I’m simply saying that life, uh… finds a way”. I would like to think that he meant that from a societal evolution as well. We will face bumps on the way, we may even appear to go backward but hopefully we will progress.




With regards to Trump, I would like to present one of my favorite comic book panels of all time where a comic book was used to make an in-joke on George W Bush



The most politically meta comic panel of all time


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Posted: November 24, 2010 in Arbit, Randomly Arbit/Arbitly Randon

Quite excited about the Ashes. 2 middling evenly matched teams taking on each other in cricket’s oldest rivalry. Should be fun to watch. Despite all troubles, one can never really write Australia off. Those buggers quite never get the script on when to give up. England have quite a few things going for them in a preparation that has been quite Aussie like. However, lack of experience in Australian conditions for their bowlers is going to be a key factor. Too close to call. If you put a gun to my head, (Ok! I was just joking about the gun, now remove it) I would predict a 2-1 victory for the Aussies though I will be extremely happy to be proved wrong (After all, who does not like the Aussie team getting steam-rolled).

Somethings in life never change, Harris Jayaraj’s music being one of them. His music has this innate quality of being melodious and Damn-I-have-heard-this-tune-before feel right throughout and you enjoy it all the more. One gets the same feeling after listening to his compositions for Engeyum Kaadhal & Orange. Nenjil Nenjil reunites him with Harish Raghavendra and as usual, the song rocks as Harish seems to save his best for Harris. Lolita & Dhimu Dhimu has Karthik crooning away soft melodious numbers and when has Karthik never rocked. Orange has the Telugu version of Dhimu Dhimu but by far the best song is Sydney Nagaram. Quite damn hummable. Harris, good to have you back after ages, especially after listening to all the crap YSR composed

Something do change and Coimbatore happens to be one of that. Making a visit after 4.5 years is an eye opener. All familiar places have all changed except for the sign boards. NMB is now almost like a full fledged hotel cum bakery types. PSG with the bridge & new gates. Boomerang with its bigger premises (but with the same Titanic cake cum ice cream on display). So much traffic, mad roads, auto drivers who can give Chennai auto drivers a complex. Coimbatore, you have changed. Life seemed peaceful earlier

Speaking of peaceful, someone who certainly has not had a peaceful life is Aung Suu Kyi. Infinite salutes to your grace under fire, surviving the house arrest & the various atrocities that you might have seen and heard, and yet to never give up, now that is a courage of a special kind. Heres hoping that the junta under you take care of the Myanmar Junta.

Ever heard of the splinter in your brain that just keeps on digging deeper and deeper, you get to realize that its quite true.

And then there are shoulders that are cold. Ice cold. Dead Cold.

Straddling the fence is also a choice and a decision.

Dont you like sometimes want to just take something precious and hurl it with all your might and watch it break piece by piece in slow motion. Theres a perverse delight in that one second before you realize the magnitude of what has been done

Or sometimes, hear a scream and realize its just you doing the whole mental shout cos you just cant scream outside

Or just laugh, joke and smile around, creating a perfect defense mechanism

Or just realize that you are your best friend and worst enemy and sometimes it really does not make sense fighting so much with yourself.

or to just go to sleep and wake up ala Rip Van Winkle

Just one more random event in a life filled with them

“Send the Army in” is not the solution to all vexing problems, including Naxals & Jammu & Kashmir. Some people would do well to remember that before they open their mouths