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TL:DR – Gorgeous production values, superb set pieces, throbbing thumping background score and isolated moments of goosebumpy brilliance cannot make up for a muddled script that ultimately makes up for a inconsistent and frustrating movie. Oh and Batfleck is actually pretty decent in the role


BvS Dawn of Justice


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“It begins as a whisper… a promise… the lightest of breezes dances above the death cries of 300 men. That breeze became a wind. A wind of freedom… a wind of justice… a wind of vengeance”… This is how the sequel to 300 begins and words that particularly pertinent to BvS. 300 was the movie that made Zack Snyder his name so as to speak and quite literally landed him the keys to the DC Kingdom


The whisper, the promise was the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the set of interconnected yet standalone movies that would prove to be a perpetual money spinner. The wind being the others, Sony attempted to do a Spiderman Connected Universe, Fox wanted to do one with the X-men and Fantastic Four, both Sony and Fox with their Marvel properties and then not to be left behind, Warner Brothers with their whole library of DC characters


Man of Steel (MoS) was the Superman re-launch vehicle and it was never considered to be set up the DC Universe but things did fall propitiously into place. MoS was in tone a different beast from the MCU. Grim, somber, you could call it realistic and the ensuring carnage when Superman and Zod, 2 beings possessing superhuman strength reducing downtown Metropolis to rubble earned a lot of critical disdain but definitely helped set up BvS (Yes, I am aware of the irony of talking about realistic given the context of super humans dueling in midair and leveling cities)


BvS starts off with the obligatory death of Bruce Wayne’s parents and then moves to the climax of the Superman vs Zod slugfest with Bruce Wayne catching the fag end of it as the 2 duelling superhuman reduce a Wayne office building to rubble fueling Bruce Wayne’s (and hence, Batman’s) hate for Superman. Superman does not approve of the increasingly violent Batman who brands and marks criminals and Lex Luthor plays the neurotic puppeteer orchestrating the gladiatorial death match advertised in the title.


I admit I did love MoS. Snyder has a reputation of being a style over substance director and MoS was a nice break from that reputation. The movie did go over what it meant to be Superman in this age of cynicism and selfishness and until the obligatory requirements of action set pieces befitting a summer superhero blockbuster movie intervened, an examination into the choices a conflicted super-being had


BvS falls into the same category. It is grim and dark. But where it really suffers from is a lack of identity. The movie has to serve as a sequel to MoS, introduce Batman to this universe and act as a set up for the Justice League movie. Even with these spinning parts, the movie tries to touch on Superman’s identity in a world that maybe does not need him, the broader political ramifications of the actions Superman takes, who is he answerable to, why is Batman so bitter, what is Wonder Woman searching for, who are the other meta humans, coupled with (k)nightmare/ dream sequences that our heroes faces. A whole lot of balls up in the air and predictably the movie crumbling under the weight of all the moving parts, fails


But what a failure. What a glorious failure. This is a failure that reeks of ambition. A simple competent script that really doesn’t do much plot wise, moves it along using Maguffins, snappy repartees, a bit of nostalgia and longing (ala Avenger/ The Force Awakens) would have definitely worked better but would not have distinguished it from the increasingly saturated and almost uniformly sanitized superhero releases in the market


Coming to the performances itself, Ben Affleck is a surprise. The outcry when he was announced to be Batman was shrilly negative to put it mildly and his turn as the brooding, dark, gritty, grizzled and violent Batman is great. He also gets a great combat sequence that beats any from previous Batman movies. Cavill as Superman continues his good work and his confusion and internal conflict on the role Superman has in society is well etched. However, he does kind of get second billing, not just in title or credits but also in terms of his impact in the movie (except for the climax). For someone who barely has 16 lines in the movie, Gal Gadot steals the show whenever she appears on screen. While the trailers definitely spoiled the moment of the movie before hand, it still is a massive moment when Wonder Woman enters the fray accompanied by a frantic tribal background score.




On the flip side, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor just did not work out. While I understand the direction DC wants to take, there are certain canonical things you don’t mess around with. You don’t make Lex Luthor a combination of Lex, Joker and the Riddler. With this usual tics and nervous energy hammed upto 11, this was a rather painful Lex Luthor. Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons and Holly Hunter get to play significant cameos in the movie with Irons proving to be a total delight as Alfred


The titular Batman vs Superman fight is bloody awesome and worth the hype. It would have definitely helped if the Doomsday reveal hadn’t happened in the trailer but that conflict is also quite awesome and things really perk up once Wonder Woman gets into the action. The Justice League set up/ introduction takes a leaf from the Marvel movie and definitely as clumsily shoehorned into the plot


Critics have shredded the movie and I don’t blame them, but it definitely is not as bad as it is made out to be. Yes, there is a sense of disappointment and frustration given the hype, the expectation and the almost unbelievable sense of buildup for the last 30 odd months (ever since the announcement at San Diego Comic Con) but given this is the dawn of Justice League, one cant help but still be excited and hopefully, now that this bogeyman is off the back. Bring on the Suicide Squad, up next!!!


PS: Lex’s warning/ premonition on the big bad coming and the (k)nightmare with the Omega symbol and parademon could pretty much only mean Darkseid na.. Dang, that is awesome…


PPS: Flash coming back in time to warn Batman again is as much a DC lore as it can get


PPPS: Cool callout to the Wonder Woman movie. Given Gadot’s limited screen time and yet great impact, we are properly primed for that movie. Oh and Chris Pine 🙂


PPPPS (last one I promise): First thing I did coming home was to grab Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns to go through the epic Batman vs Superman fight and Batman’s majestically epic takedown dialog to Superman




Part 1 to be found here. Continuing from where we left off

11. The Expendables or how old actions stars dont just die, they go out with a bang or turn directors

Hot: Jason Statham, Stallone, A sleazy slimy Eric Roberts (‘Bad Shakespeare’), Ode to 80s-90s action movies, Stallone-Willis-Arnold having a go at each other (verbally), Cracking screenplay, and one big mean gun
Not-Hot: Lack of a credible ensemble bad guys team, A wasted Jet Li & Mickey Rourke, A general sense of predictability to the proceedings

Rating: 6 grizzled cynical action heroes on 10

12. Machete or how we did not cross the border, the border crossed us

Hot: Firmly tongue-in-cheek, A very hot Jessica Alba & Michelle Rodriguez, Danny Trejo’s dead-pan expression, Shootout in the church, Jeff Fahey’s conflicted villain, Propaganda spewing Robert De Niro and a bloody garden equipment
Not-hot: Message that kind of gets lost in the middle of the movie, for those squeamish about blood its a bloody movie, and seriously, plot, what plot

Rating: 6 assorted gruesome weapons of mass mayhem & murder on 10

13. Scott Pilgrim vs the World or How to fight your girlfriend’s baggage

Hot: The most visually innovative movie of the year, Hyper-fast 1st half, A gamer’s delight, Michael Cera (Never thought I would say that), Mind-blowing soundtrack, Sex-Bobombs, Fantastic cameos by Chris Evans & Brandon Routh, Energy packed fight sequences, Strong supporting cast (Wallace, Stacey, Kim & Knives), Electric dialog exchanges and did I mention the soundtrack
Not-Hot: Poorly fleshed out Mary Elizabeth Winstead, not too much depth in the Scott-Ramona love, A relatively slow 2nd half, uninspiring choice for the final villain (Jason Schwartzman)

Rating: 8.5 heading banging guitar strumming tracks on 10

14. RED – or The Good, the Bald & the Downright Nasty

Hot: Wattay cast, truly, wattay cast. An ass-kicking Bruce Willis, A totally loony John Malkovich, An iron-fist-in-velvet-glove-y Helen Mirren, A clearly-having-the-time-of-her-life Mary Louis Parker, Urbane Karl Urban & Majestically smirking, vodka drinking Brian Cox, Excellent chemistry, Totally tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top action sequences, fast paced & a pink piggy
Not-Hot: A fairly wasted Morgan Freeman, While based on the excellent Warren Ellis comic, it was not dark enough, the only hint of darkness is when Willis calls Karl Urban up from his house and threatens his family, In the comic, he takes it a step further, illustrating the no-holds-barred approach

Rating: 7.5 Retired, Extremely Destructive (RED) agents on 10

15. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of of Ga’Hoole or How to fight beak & claw

Hot: Animation quality (Phenomenal), Cute-sy looking owls, Excellent voice casting, Fantastic action sequences and flight sequences, The Zack Snyder touch – super slo-mo, brutal action, fast paced story-telling & one very old messed up crippled owl
Not-Hot: Predictable storyline, no real surprise, too much use of super slo-mo at times

Rating: 6 steel tipped feathered Wings of Mass Destruction (WMD) on 10

16. Tangled or What to do when the smolder does not work

Hot: Charming lead pair, excellent animation, terrific music, twist in the usual plot, dollops of humor, good supporting case, a bar fight and a very evil tempered horse
Not-Hot: Nothing gorund-breaking (animation or story-wise), No hummable songs 😦 (Biggest drawback, most Disney movies have atleast one song that you sing)

Rating: 7 star-crossed romances on 10

17. Resident Evil: Afterlife or How to ensure a character does not die (simple, get his/ her spouse to direct it)

Hot: Milla Jovovich (She IS Alice, no questions, no doubts), Smokin’ Hot Ali Larter, Good use of 3D in action sequences, fast paced
Not-Hot: Lazy writing, a lack of freshness, concentrating more on sequelizing the franchise rather than on the current story, A obviously wasted Wentworth Miller

Rating: 5.5 groan inducing sequels on 10

18. Due Date or We would rather not know how Ethan & his dog go to sleep

Hot: The very snarky RDJ & a very stoned Zach G, some awesomely cool gags, No-Fly list, rental cars, A cameo by Jamie Foxx, & a can of ashes
Not-Hot: A general meandering of the plot, some of the gags fall flat and frankly, could have done away with, A general listlessness, to put it simply, not funny enough

Rating: 5 drug induced cross country trips on 10

19. Piranha 3D or Understanding the 4Bs of B-grade movie making

Hot: 4Bs (tons of it), Jerry O Connell’s shady turn, An aged but still hot Elizabeth Shue, Amazingly hot Kelly Brook, firmly tongue-in-cheek B-grade entertainment
Not-Hot: Story, what story, Frankly nothing rational in the movie, (but if you were watching this movie and expecting rational, you are blind, dumb & stupid :D)

Rating: 5.5 bloody summer parties on 10

20. Wall Street 2: or Whats a bike race doing in middle of the financial crisis

Hot: Michael Douglas (boy o boy, that man can really out-act the younger generation of actors), Terrific, meaningful & impactful cameo by Frank Langella, Josh Brolin’s deceit, a very cute Carey Mulligan, smaller cameo by Charlie Sheen & some home truths
Not-Hot: All bark no bite (compared to Wall Street), Shia Lebouf (Lets not even get there but for the sake of humanity, he should really stop acting), Climax – What Climax (a lame fizzle)

Rating: 5 stock market crashes on 10

I seem to have skipped the Debt but I could not even find a copy of the movie to watch. Watch for 2011 movies soon :). (and you thought I was done with it, heh)